THINGS (2014, 21 mins, 16mm, b/w+col)

Things is a travelogue in which the filmmaker leads himself and the viewer through a tour of the four seasons, without ever once setting foot across his doorstep - focusing on unexplored things inside his own four walls. A year-long journey through domestic surroundings that at the same time is a trip into imagination and collective memory - revealed in the collected fragments of images, film, objects and sounds, a bed, books and, observed through a window pane, a squirrel in the garden.

As the seasons change, parallels and associations are made with things previously seen; an intricate web of clues to a life, there for the viewer to unpick.

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Gareth Evans. 

Selected Exhibition:

Fable – Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Sept/Oct 2014

Things – Kate MacGarry Gallery, London, Sept/Oct 2014

International Film Festival Rotterdam – winner Tiger Award for Short Film 2015

Dokufest – best short 2015

New York Film Festival


Mar del Plata International Film Festival 

Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Filmmaker Festival, Milan

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